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Spain and colonial Mexico, a long time ago. 


Art Credit (please do not remove!)

[[ Inspired by dakki-so's Quick Guide on the German brothers. This is a detailed version for Bavaria. 

Because Bavaria only appeared twice with names, and possibly this guy in middle of the second panel, a good number of assumptions are taken historically, which are noted here. 

Please let me know if there is anything to fix on the slides. 

I hope you find this informative, and above all, enjoyable to read! Welcome to the world of Germans! ]]


oKAY here are my old arts which I drew around this time of last year.. I did like them back then…
There are Prussia in hussar uniform, Bavaria in  Prince Alfons of Bavaria’s outfit and Saxony in Prince Georg of Saxony’s outfit 
Basically I just wanted to draw the uniform

I did try to include Hesse but I couldnt find good ref, so yeah…


Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła.

The Polish resistance movement in World War II, with the Home Army at its forefront, was the largest underground resistance in all of Nazi-occupied Europe, covering both German and Soviet zones of occupation.

The Polish defense against the Nazi occupation was an important part of the European anti-fascist resistance movement. It is most notable for disrupting German supply lines to the Eastern Front, providing military intelligence to the British, and for saving more Jewish lives in the Holocaust than any other Allied organization or government. It was a part of the Polish Underground State.



(It’s just a tank, Timo, don’t freak out too much.)

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz

Art and Comic belongs to Tomato-Bird/Chorsahgryphon (aka MEEE)

Finland belongs to himself.


*Blares trumpets in the distance* THE LONG AWAITED RETURN!!
 A big kiitos paljon to everyone who has read, commented, and encouraged me on this project! I’ve learned so much while making, it, about Finland, about history, about making comics in general! I’m happy I finally get to draw Finland in his winter war uniform, I’ve had enough of his sweater vest, heheh. 

As you can see, I’ve tried to stay true to the style of the previous comics, though now I’m inking with pens instead of brushes so it a) looks neater and b) is less messy! I think I’ve improved a lot since the first comics, hope it’s noticeable in the newer ones! I’m excited because now we’re finally past all this prologuey political context stuff and can move on to the action of the event.

On to the History part!

I have to lol so hard at whoever thought telling the Finns “We’re not bombing you we’re dropping bread on your poor starving people!” was a good idea, because NOBODY was fooled. Finns in the countryside began sarcastically calling the bomber planes “Molotov’s Breadbaskets”, after Soviet Minister of Foreign affairs Vyacheslav Molotov. Also frustrating was that the Soviet Union at the beginning was still trying to excuse the invasion with a false accusation of “you guys attacked us first, so now our non-aggression treaty is null.”

Also pretty much the rest of the world supported Finland verbally, and denounced the actions of the Red Army. Although there were a bunch of volunteers from around Europe who helped fight, and some places helped sell weapons and stuff–more on that later :D–most of the Allies were bogged down still trying to decide what to do now that they had officially declared war against Germany (the “Phony war”), and thus were not eager to make any big moves to help. Anyway, many didn’t think Finland would last very long either.

as for the “good news and bad news” part for the battle of Terijoki. Good News: They did hold up really well and caused the Red Army a lot of trouble and delayed their invasion schedule as well, by basically barricading and booby trapping the entire town with mines, bombs, and a few strategically hidden snipers that made it seem like the Finnish force was bigger than it actually was.  Bad News: The Finnish force encountered tanks for the first time! Heavy armored vehicles, while they would prove to be pretty impractical in the long run, were still pretty formidable weapons that the Red Army had a lot of. Hence Timo’s freaked out face at the last page there. 

Also: if you haven’t read the previous comics, guess what Stalin wanted for his birthday :] 

This is all done on my own research and reading, through various websites, history forums, and the book The Winter War: Russia’s Invasion of Finland 1939-1930 by Robert Edwards. As usual, if anyone has anything to comment on, correct, add context to, please tell me! This whole project is a learning experience for me as well. :D

Moi moi!


Hello admin! I have a favour to ask you. Quindecim15, an artist who does historically accurate German brothers, is going to publish a doujinshi centered on Henry the Lion and formation of Brandenburg-Prussia. Most of her art can be found at the APH(:) Bavaria or APH(:) Saxony tag. However we need to do promotion in order to attract people to buy the book. Is it too much if you can do me a huge favour of reblogging the promo post some time later this week? Much appreciated! ;n;

Well, hey sure! Feel free to send me some links too and I’ll put them on here!

Here’s a video showing Keith Rocco’s paintings that are about Napoleon’s first Italian campaign.


Interest in Foregin Clothing c. 1450s

Quattrocento Italians were interested in what foreigners wore. This drawing, after a sketch by Marco Zoppo, compares the extravagant Italian gown (left) with two equally rich but less flamboyant Burgundian and German examples. Hottenroth added the colours, which are unlikely to be accurate.

I finished that sketch from before, in pallets 93 and 50, randomly selected by a friend.

I’m really not happy with how Italy turned out, and I was to lazy to render his poofy skirt thing properly. He looks a bit like a fruit salad, and that’s really disappointing. I do have a bunch of alternate versions down the bottom of this page though.

On the other hand, Germany turned out well, and I have successfully failed to concur with anyone’s age timeline.

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