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risorgimento - the years 1848/49

The Republic of San Marco (VenetianRepublica de San MarcoItalianRepubblica di San Marco) was an Italian revolutionary state existing for 17 months in 1848–49. Based on the Venetian Lagoon, it extended into most of Venetia, or the Terraferma territory of the Venetian Republic, suppressed 51 years before in the French Revolutionary Wars. After declaring independence from the Habsburg Austrian Empire, the republic later joined the Kingdom of Sardinia, in an attempt, led by the latter, to unite northern Italy against foreign (mainly Austrian but also French) domination. After the failure of the war, the Republic was reconquered by Austrian troops on 28 August 1849 following a long siege.

(source: wikipedia)


The Wars of the Roses

A series of civil wars fought over the English throne between 1455 and 1487 by two rival branches within the royal House of Plantagenet: House Lancaster and House York. The conflict arose from social and financial struggles after the Hundred Years War, and was filled with murders, battles, and everyone fighting tooth and nail for their claim to the throne. It ended with the Lancastrian Henry Tudor defeating the Yorkist King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth field. He came to throne as Henry VII, married Elizabeth of York and united the two houses, creating the House of Tudor, along with the beginnings of the golden Tudor era. The red and white Tudor Rose represents the combined roses of Lancaster and York.

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In memory of our heroes last WWII. Happy Day of Valor (April 9, 1942)


Ah! Ireland! Nice to see more of you. :)

As for Ulster Plantation, there’s not really a whole lot! Well, there is, but not (too much) in this comic. This is what you need to know:

England has this need to take over everything, right? Right. No one’s arguing this. Well, Ireland was certainly not an exception, but Ireland was (and is) certainly no pushover. (Wales and Scotland aren’t either! But there’s a reason they’re often called the Fighting Irish!) 

Technically, the Tudors had in fact taken over Ireland. Henry VIII had been king of Ireland, Elizabeth I, and James (I of England, VI of Scotland). Just cuz they ruled over Ireland, doesn’t mean that a whole lot of English were over there. So that’s what Ulster is for! The earls of northern Ireland had fled from the English (and Scots) to try and get help when forces advanced to take over the area, but whatever help they went to find never … happened. So, British parliament had taken over this area, Ulster Plantation, and assigned each county to either England or Scotland, though some were shared by both states. You don’t see Wales mentioned, do you? :( (As you can see in the comic, Scotland and England are still arguing.)

There were, mainly, three peoples living in the area: English, Irish (both those loyal to Great Britain and those … not-so-loyal), and Scottish. Today, much of the population is still the same/descended from them.

Ulster, soon, would become something much more.


Plantation of Ulster
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tbh I could be completely content with a webcomic/anime solely about the British Isles and little else but that’s just me 

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EEEE ISN’T HE ADORABLE I JUST WANNA. HUG HIM. He’s so cute he’s so cute he’s so cuuuute.

SO ULSTER PLANTATION!! You can basically say that Ulster Plantation was the ‘birth’ of ‘Northern Ireland.’ Different ‘culture’, and all, I suppose? Now, as I’ve mentioned previously, Northern Ireland isn’t actually a country until much much later. But hey, America was around as a kid and wasn’t a country yet, so there ya go; there’s my reasoning. That’s all this comic is really doing? Northern Ireland is important, and I feel it’s often overlooked, much like Wales. :( Plus, we have to introduce him some time, right??

Well, that said, there are really no links for this that you can find in that Giant List of Links from the last comic about Ulster Plantation.

(Extra: The year in the tags is just my own estimation of when Northern Ireland, the character, may have actually appeared.)


AANNNND WE’RE BACK! Didja miss us? No worries, we’ve not forgotten you—life just kinda attacked us at the most inopportune times. School and work, contests, deadlines, vacations. These have been waiting to be shown to everyone, and now they’re getting their chance. (Just some FYI, the next couple strips will be released slowly, once a day to every two days.) Anyway, on with this comic!

Ahh, the double-edged sword.

To be fair, there is my own twist on this one. Honestly, guys, I was turning pages in my library books and webpages, and after a few hours went, “What.” SO. To spare you guys headaches, I’m keeping this one as to-the-point as absolutely possible, and without terms that haven’t been used in the comics. (Such as Sinn Fein and IRA. If you know what they are, cool. If you don’t, it’s okay; I promise. You don’t need to know them to understand the bare basics of what’s going on. We are not judging you! :)

BASICALLY. Ireland, while doing what was in their best interest, never really wanted to be part of the United Kingdom. And you know? Good on ‘em; fighting for what you believe in is a highly-valued trait we like to support, right? Right! Thing is, if you’re fighting a war for anything, you gotta have the right provisions. You have to have enough food, enough ammo/supplies/weapons, and people. Sadly, it was for lack of these things that began to bring the Irish War for Independence to a halt.

Key word in that last sentence? Began

While they were indeed hurting badly for those things, and it was looking Entirely Not That Great, the people in England were tired of the war. Granted, I don’t think they truly understood what was going on. You live in a First World nation, and you can’t really imagine war being fought downtown, can you? (Granted it was in Ireland and not in England.) But at the same time, that ignorance doesn’t matter when your husband, son, uncle, friend, whomever is going across the Irish Sea to ‘fight.’ You don’t want them there! Who does, amirite? So the English people are complaining and are very Do Not Want, but then they see just how … destructive the war is. Like, literally destructive, and bloody, and it’s being fought by a very driven Ireland.

So the English offer up a truce, basically. They know just what buttons to press, but that puts the Irish in a Super Awkward Position. They can surrender, but that means losing. Or, they can keep fighting—but they’d still, ultimately, end up losing. (Lack of supplies, men, etc.) So this truce is brought up and it’s known as the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which is great and all, but only in that it brings the war to an end. By … definition, I guess.

But that’s a story for the next strip. :) (Including links! Damn you, Chrome, losing my tabs….)


I still like you but DAMN this was almost a betrayal // Ireland

Everybody knows France is MY friend anyway // Scotland


You’re not manly enough // Scotland

FUCK OFF // Ireland

thepalerose sent:

Seems like Scotland and Ireland are the most close to each other, has this created any awkward moments Celt walked in on?


We were not so close back then this might be one of our cutest brotherly moment. Then Celt kicked Ireland out yelling ‘you cute lil christian fucktard don’t come back’ // Scotland

I’m allergic to cuteness // Celt

*Padraig = Patrick (St Patrick)



"Though founded on pragmatism, Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage had nevertheless blossomed throughout the uncertainty and upheaval of the previous eighteen years. This was a marriage of ‘faithful love’, of mutual attraction, affection and respect, from which the king seems to have drawn great strength -indeed, it was the kind of marriage that their second son, Prince Henry [future Henry VIII] would spend his whole life trying to find. With Elizabeth’s burial, the lights went out all over Henry VII’s court. The reign was plunged into crisis. Henry, shattered, would never be the same again.”
— Thomas Penn, Henry VII - The Winter King.

"The King remained in seclusion at Richmond for six weeks after the funeral, prostrate with grief and so ill with quinsy—a complication of tonsillitis that can cause breathing difficulties—that it was said he was near death. He was unable to swallow and could barely open his mouth. His mother came to nurse him, bringing sweet wine and ordering physic for him. It seems that the loss of Elizabeth […] impacted badly on Henry; as for the remaining six years of his life, his health steadily declined. By 1504 he had become “a weak man and sickly, not likely to be no long-lived man.”
— Alison Weir, Elizabeth of York: a Tudor Queen and her world.

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someone suggested this idea in my askbox and i HAD to draw it ;)