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Welcome to a blog dedicated to the historical aspect of the popular web comic and anime: Hetalia!
Here you will find art, fiction and everything else that involves the Hetalia characters according to historical and cultural events.
You will also occasionally find the admin fangirling over historical info and/or pieces, just fyi...XDD
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Artist’s Comments:

"… Boston Tea Party: Some American colonialists in Boston, enraged over the fact that The East India Company kept the tax on tea although many other taxes had been abolished and because the colonies hadn’t had the opportunity to co-decide this matter with the UK, heaved a load of tea into the harbour as a protest.

This so-called Boston Tea Party is regarded as the triggering act for the American Revolution, which France was keen on supporting because they liked to be a pain in the UK’s ass. (Ironically, supporting the US drained the French treasury, which was a triggering factor of the French Revolution) …”