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Peace in No Man’s Land by *Spwinkles

Okay, I know I’ve posted stuff on this before, but I just love this moment in World War I. It’s a Christmas miracle, if you’ll pardon that bit of cheesiness from me. ;)

Artist’s Comments:

”’In the public’s mind the facts have become irrevocably mythologized, and perhaps this is the most important legacy of the Christmas Truce today. In our age of uncertainty, it comforting to believe, regardless of the real reasoning and motives, that soldiers and officers told to hate, loathe and kill, could still lower their guns and extend the hand of goodwill, peace, love and Christmas cheer.’

A few articles on the Christmas Truce:

[link] [link]

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Posted: December 25, 2012 (1 year ago)
Tagged: #aph: Britain #aph: Germany #APH: World War 1 #christmas truce
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