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We’re Hosting a Contest!

For the month of July, HistoricalHetalia-Haven and Tomato-Bird are having a contest in honor of the two famous revolutions that happened in July: The American Revolution and the French Revolution!

  • Contest Info:

The contest will be judged according to creativity and most importantly, historical accuracy. We will be hosting this contest until the end of the month, so if you want to write Fanfiction, it might be easier if you keep it to short stories or oneshots, unless you feel you can write a story in that span of time, then go for it!!

  • Contest Description:

~ If you would like to submit something about the American Revolution: Create a Hetalia piece based on a particular aspect (Clothing, culture, military/historical event), of the American Revolution! Do your research. The more specific and detailed, the better!

~ If you would like to submit something for the French Revolution: Basically the same. Note: This is the Revolution of 1789, NOT the one in Les Mis! (takes place in 1832) If we could get some French Judges for this part of the contest, that would be good!

  • Notes:

Tomato-Bird can offer a copy of MCTT for the American Contest prize and a custom drawing/painting for the French Revolution one. Other prize donations would be greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to contact either one of us for further information or if you want to donate stuff for prizes or if you are well-versed in either one of these events and want to be a judge! We’ll get back to you!

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