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China - On My Way by MangaEngel

Artist’s comments (rather long):

"…a subjective opinion about the most important years of China and - no matter, if you agree or disagree - thus a pretty interesting insight into the thoughts of a chinese citizen about his/her own country. What now follows are the thoughts of ~Hornet394

221 BC
Qin Dynasty, also known as Imperial China. China was finally united after around 200 years of fighting, and it seems like peace has arrived on the land however the king is very cruel and inhumane (if you need more info here I can fill you in).

202 BC
Han Dynasty, the most glorious time of China, and Chinese call our race ‘Han’ as China was really strong at that time. Major military campaigns were launched at that time, and China’s map increased again. Confucianism also was widely promoted throughout China.

184 AD
War broke out and basically China was separated into three major powers, Wei, Han, and Ng. Wei won at the end but eventually there was a revolt and China went into the Jin Dynasty. This period is better known in the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

618 AD
Tang Dynasty, another glorious period of China and also super duper developement. The silk road was opened during this era. This era seems to be the most popular, though.

1271 AD
Yuan Dynasty, China was ruled over by the Mongols, part of Genghis Khan’s campaign to take over the world. In fact, the previous Song Dynasty had lasted for 152 years before being taken down by the Mongols.

1644 AD
Qing Dynasty. China was ruled by the Manchus, it was a non-Han dynasty as well. However, the Manchus were not able to lead China to prosperity, and during this period China started to be bullied by other countries.

1839 AD
First Opium War or First Anglo-Chinese War. England had used China as a market to sell opium, a highly addictive drug. Almost all Chinese were addicted to it as once you took a whiff you were pretty much gone, and since opium was everywhere it was hard not to smell it. Seeing this, Lin Zexu was ordered to destroy all the opium. And he did, with chemical means, and bullied all the merchants to hand out the opium but then the English government was very angry and used some random excuse to launch war on China. The second Opium War soon followed. In the end China was forced to sign treaties that were highly unfair to China, including the treaty to hand over Hong Kong.

1911 AD
XinHai Revolution. Doctor Sun Yat-sen and his allies organized numerous revolts and finally overthrew the Qing dynasty. Chinese consider Sun Yat-sen as the founder of modern China.

1937 AD
Second Sino-Japanese War. Japan launched a full-scale invasion of China on this day, when China was still split apart by civil war. Japan swore that China would be taken down in three months time, but this plan failed due to the fact that the Chinese were fed up of being pushed around by other nations. Although China was poor, underdeveloped, and was war-ridden, China held out her own until Japan joined the Pacific battlefield.

1949 AD
Modern China. the Communist Party of China won the civil war and Modern China was born. Bam.

June Fourth Incident or Tiananmen Square Protests or June Fourth Massacre as my parents like to call it. On this day it marked the fall of freedom of speech and political freedom in China. It was from 15 April 1989 to 4 June 1989. This student led protest was triggered by the death of Hu Yaobang, a politician who tried to reform the government. At height of the protests, a million people were said to have gathered in the Tiananmen Square. In many places people rose to support the students, including Hong Kong. I could go into the details of this, but I would just rant on and on while trying to stop myself from typing profanities. Anyways, the government wanted the students gone because the American ambassador and Russian ambassador was coming over soon, so Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao’s wife and who was in power at that time, ordered the military to drive into the city of the capital. On June Fourth, the military was ordered to open fire. And they did, shooting at the peaceful protestors, who were all students, with real bullets and stabbed at them. Many people were shocked - a massacre, right at the doorstep of Tiananmen. Tanks drove over the bodies of the dead and alive. It was a dark time in the history of China. Eventually those student leaders who escaped fled overseas through Hong Kong.

Modern time. China is a economically strong country, developing in so many ways yet in so many others underdeveloped. Poverty is a severe problem and the rich people who go everywhere are referred to as locusts and dogs in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the poor suffer. Many problems haven’t been solved such as human rights, corruption, or pollution.”

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